Brand New SH-P9300 Shoes for the World Championships!

VICTOR SH-P9300 Badminton Shoes

VICTOR has launched the brand new SH-P9300 series, which falls in line with its Support Type Professional Badminton Footwear. This series features phenomenal shock-absorption, stability, comfort and durability with these key features:

  • Thickened midsole to create an additional 11 to 13% shock-absorption that tackles reaction force upon landing
  • Double KPU Stripes Design which extends to the front upper of the footwear is made to enhance lateral stability
  • Heels are equipped with TPU injection molded piece to strengthen heel support and stability
  • Toe material is 16 times more wear-resistant than regular PU leather
  • The grip-shaped holes on the toe and upper not only generate excellent breathability but also give flexibility to ball of foot movements

Overall, we expect this pair of shoes to provide an incredible wearing experience!

VICTOR SH-P9300 DE Badminton Shoes :

VICTOR SH-P9300 FO Badminton Shoes :

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