Match Your VICTOR Auraspeed Rackets with the Right Strings

Maximize your true potential with the correct strings that best suit your style of play!

Here are some quick tips:

  • The THICKER the string, the better the DURABILITY💪
  • The THINNER the string, the stronger the REPULSION🐍
  • The HARDER the string, the better REPULSION POWER, which allows faster returns and enhanced ACCURACY🎯
  • THE SOFTER the string, the better the COVERAGE of the shuttle for better attacking and HARD SMASH.

VICTOR has a whole range of badminton racket strings that meet a wide range of needs on the court, from durability, control and precision, to aggression.

These are our recommendations on the strings to go with your Auraspeed Rackets!

ARS-90K : ⚔ VBS-68P | 🎯 VBS-68
ARS-90S : ⚔ VBS-66N | 🎯 VBS-68
ARS-80X : ⚔ VBS-68P | 🎯 VBS-68
ARS-70K : ⚔ VBS-68P | 🎯 VBS-63
ARS-70F : ⚔ VBS-66N | 🎯 VBS-63