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The VICTOR TK-Falcon Has Arrived!

EMBRACE THE POWER WITH VICTOR’S CONQUERING POWER RACKET THRUSTER F THRUSTER F is a deluxe new power racket inspired by the ferocity of falcons. Developed by VICTOR’s R&D team after two years of persistent effort, THRUSTER F features superior attack performance with an integrated square-head frame and a highly anti-torsion slim shaft. The genius weight […]

New Korean and Malaysian National Team Attire

A new collection of apparel has been released for the Korean and Malaysian National Badminton Teams! – Korean National Team Sportswear – Inspired by the waves of the ocean symbolizes the power and the energy –  Malaysian National Team Sportswear – inspired by the starry night shooting stars symbols the speed and determination The National Teams will be […]

Brand New SH-P9300 Shoes for the World Championships!

VICTOR SH-P9300 Badminton Shoes

VICTOR has launched the brand new SH-P9300 series, which falls in line with its Support Type Professional Badminton Footwear. This series features phenomenal shock-absorption, stability, comfort and durability with these key features: Thickened midsole to create an additional 11 to 13% shock-absorption that tackles reaction force upon landing Double KPU Stripes Design which extends to […]

VICTOR SH-A920LTD Revolutionizes Badminton Footwear!

The SH-A920LTD is a limited edition series launched by VICTOR in late 2015. The entire shoe is covered all round with gradient painting on the outer side of the shoes, followed by the eye-catching BRACE TEK covering, and KPU on the heel. The complete covering extends all the way to inner side of the shoes, creating all-dimensional protection […]

Enter the VICTOR SH-A930B

VICTOR SHA-930B Badminton Shoes

The VICTOR SH-A930 badminton shoes is has arrived in store! This professional pair is engineered by VICTOR to provide the foot with unprecedented experiences of comfort, coverage, and recovery. The evolutionary design promises a higher state of support, stability, durability, breathability, and shock absorption. Triple Upgrades with Microfiber Upper: Comfort, Coverage, and Recovery The brand new upper […]

New Junior Section in Store!

As badminton becomes more popular worldwide, children are starting to pick the sport up at a tender age, sometimes even at the age of five! Equipping them with the correct attire streamlines their motion on court, and that keeps them more comfortable during the game. Find out the apparel choices from VICTOR in store now. Visit the […]

Shine with the Official Korean Team Wear

The official Korea Team wear for Sudirman Cup 2015 is now in store! The bright fuschia and the sleek black form into a passionate blend that is full of vivacity. The color lines decorate the front with a speedy visual effect, while the uniquely woven fabric design at the back promises breathability and utility. Now available […]