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Dominate the Game with HX-900X

The enhanced level of anti-torsion in the shaft of the VICTOR HX-900X ensures the most energy converted, which creates a total ease in hitting with HX-900X and allows athletes to inject more feel to their shots. The head of HX-900X brings together some of VICTOR’s most well-received materials with a modern twist, providing enough mass behind the […]

The VICTOR TK-Falcon Has Arrived!

EMBRACE THE POWER WITH VICTOR’S CONQUERING POWER RACKET THRUSTER F THRUSTER F is a deluxe new power racket inspired by the ferocity of falcons. Developed by VICTOR’s R&D team after two years of persistent effort, THRUSTER F features superior attack performance with an integrated square-head frame and a highly anti-torsion slim shaft. The genius weight […]